Exceptionally rare, hundreds of years old, discovered in the jungles of South East Asia, these gigantic mahogany root systems look other worldly. The power of nature is evident in the form of these amazing pieces. We have designed and adapted these roots into bar tables, consoles and space dividers.  Extremely smooth to the touch, as soft as silk. Stools sold separately.

ROOT STATION 1 – Price £6500

Size: Top W 190cm x D 50-60cm x H 106
Base W 230cm

ROOT STATION 2 – Price £8500

Size: Top W 250cm x D 58cm x H 106
Base W 270cm

ROOT STATION 3 – Price £5800

Size: Top W 220cm x D 70cm x H 106

ROOT STATION 4 – Price £5800

Size: Top W 190cm x D 50-70cm x H 100